Master Data in Minutes with Smart Mastering

Watch Kasey Alderete, Director of Product Management, and Damon Feldman, Solutions Director, introduce Smart Mastering at MarkLogic World 2018. In this session, they show how Smart Mastering de-duplicates data from disparate sources by automatically identifying, scoring, matching, and merging. The end result: A harmonized view of your data in minutes, not months. After all, apps are only as good as the quality of the data they access.

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Learn how to get started using Smart Mastering, including how it works and how to use it. FAQs and troubleshooting tips are also available on the site.

Get Smart Mastering Core

Smart Mastering Core provides libraries and services for a Smart Mastering capability built on top of MarkLogic. APIs are available either through a set of XQuery libraries or a REST service layer.

Product Announcement

Matt Allen discusses why MarkLogic’s Smart Mastering is a better approach to traditional MDM and how it works.

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