The MarkLogic Tiered Storage add-on feature lets you store and manage data in different tiers based on cost and performance trade-offs- whether it’s flash storage, traditional local or shared disk storage, HDFS, or Amazon cloud storage.

With Tiered Storage, your data is easily migrated between tiers without any ETL, additional software, or expensive infrastructure changes. This allows you to easily balance performance and capacity through the lifecycle of your data- meeting performance SLAs, making data governance easier, and meeting compliance requirements.

Explore the technical resources for MarkLogic Tiered Storage below.

Learn More

Administrator's Guide

Read over tiered storage operations using the REST API that supports operations integrated into your storage-management scripts.

Enhanced Tiered Storage

Review over the concept of tiered storage in MarkLogic and learn how to use new tiered storage features in this video series.

Tiered Storage Datasheet

Find an overview tiered storage in MarkLogic in this Datasheet– a great way to briefly review and understand its concepts in one place.

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