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Developer License

Enterprise NoSQL Power for Developers!

  • Up to 1TB of data
  • As big a cluster as you need
  • For development

The Developer License is free to all who sign up and join the MarkLogic developer community. It provides all MarkLogic capabilities including the Universal index, ACID transactions, REST and Java APIs, ODBC connector, semantics, clustering, high-availability and disaster-recovery features. It may not be used for production. It has a 6 month time limit and new licenses may be requested on expiration.

How do you get a key? After you download, install, and start up MarkLogic, browse to the admin interface and request a Developer License directly from within the interface. (If you are running MarkLogic on a host other than localhost, replace the localhost name in these links accordingly.)

For full details, see the click-through license agreement when you request a Developer License.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Developer License

Q. What features are available in the Developer License?

A. The Developer License provides all MarkLogic features, including Search HA/DR/Replication, Government-grade Security, Alerting, Location Services, Geospatial indexing and search, Semantics, Tiered Storage, and Transactions.

Q. Can the Developer License be used in a VM or cloud (like Amazon ec2)?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I store more than 1TB of data?

A. You'll need a different license. If you need additional capacity, please contact MarkLogic.

Q. What do I do when my 6 months runs out?

A. You may request a new license at that time.

Q. How do I get support for the Developer License?

A. Free, community-based support can be found at Stack Overflow. Beyond that, please also see the Developer Support Program we offer.

Q. Can I distribute copies of MarkLogic or the Developer License?

A. Users should be directed to download their own copy of MarkLogic from our download page and they should acquire their own license. (You may not distribute MarkLogic Server binary or any MarkLogic licenses without written permission from MarkLogic.)

Q. Can I build an application using the Developer License and sell that application?

A. You can, but you can't distribute the MarkLogic Server binary (or any MarkLogic license) as part of that application without written permission from MarkLogic.

Q. Can I publish my work done with MarkLogic?

A. We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without MarkLogic prior written consent, any performance or capacity statistics or the results of any benchmark test performed on MarkLogic.

Q. What happened to the Express and Academic Licenses?

A. MarkLogic no longer issues Express or Academic licenses. We encourage you to use the Free Developer license as a replacement. (See also the pricing page for other choices).

Q. Where can I ask additional questions?

A. You can use the comment form at the bottom of this page.

Stack Overflow iconStack Overflow: Get the most useful answers to questions from the MarkLogic community, or ask your own question.


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  • I cannot get developer licence. After clicking a button I got: 500 Internal Server Error XDMP-CAST: (err:FORG0001) xs:integer(fn:substring-before($version, ".")) -- Invalid cast: "" cast as xs:integer in /3.X/default.xqy, at 192:0 [0.9-ml] $version = "" $hostname = "" $cpus = "" $platform = "" $target = "" $licensee = "" $company = "" $email = "" $website = "" $phonenumber = "" $usage = "" $title = "" $employees = () $address = "" $city = "" $state = "" $zip = "" $retrying = () $host = "" $mint = "" $mint-url = "" Any hints?
  • 1. Can I run multiple clusters using same developer licence. 2. Each cluster will have 1 TB limit?
  • Hi, I am using developer licence to learn mark logic, I am a certified marklogic developer. By going through above link, I can successfully generate xml from an input PDF file through WEBDEV, but I cannot generate xml from Microsoft word or excel, I have enabled all the pipelines. Excel and Word document are loaded succesfully, But I did not see the XMLs for the same. May I know what could be the reason, could you please guide, since I need this feature to show a prototype. Kindly check, thanks in advance. Thanks, Santhosh Kumar.N
    • Hello... please try adding the Office OpenXML Extract pipeline. That one covers current Office document types (.docx). I'll ask about updating the default list.
      • Hi David, It worked, but we need to restart the Mark Logic Service each time, it is strange.
        • I saw you also posted the <a href="">original question on Stack Overflow</a>. That's the better place to get help -- more people will see the question and it's easier to follow up. I suggest posting this as a new question on Stack Overflow. You shouldn't need to keep restarting.
  • Can I request the developer license on a machine that does not have direct Internet access? Can I configure MarkLogic to use a proxy for the license retrieval?
    • Andreas, you can write to and request one that way.
  • I'm an engineer building products and applications traditionally on the RDBMS systems. I'd like to port the applications and products to MarkLogic, this is very convenient and efficient compared to RDBMS technology. However, there are no adequate CRUD examples for me to take off. Can anyone kindly lead me to the appropriate URI for the same. This will be a great help. I have a great collaboration suite that is on Javascript+PHP+mySQL, I'd like to port it to Javascript+Xquery+MarkLogic. The point of concern is the lack of understanding on my part due to the vastness of documentation. I can't find the relevant CRUD examples to take off. Kindly help me out. Thanks in advance. Regards Manish
    • Manish, a couple of thoughts for you. First, you can use JavaScript not only in the browser, but in the middle tier and in MarkLogic. Since you already know JS, you might want to choose that over XQuery. Take a look at the <a href="">feature intro</a> or <a href="">JavaScript Reference Guide</a> to get started. One way to convert relational data to MarkLogic is with <a href="">MLSAM</a>. That's a library that directly queries a relational database and returns results suitable for storing in documents.
      • Hi David, thanks for the reply. From a developer perspective it makes 100% sense to use Server Side JavaScript. However, I'm looking at a scenario wherein, I'd like to use Xquery for purposes of interoperability and openness of the system. Thence the interest in Xquery. I'm looking at using a Xquery solution for the backend and middle tier and a JS Framework.
  • I am a developer on an official academic research project. We are looking for various solutions about NoSQL databases and yours seems to match our requirements. I shall make it clear that while the project is purely academic it may go live as a pilot (free of charge) in order to collect some data. Tina Hue <a href="" rel="nofollow">Distributed Web Development</a>
  • How Can I find when my dev marklogic licence is going to expire?
    • Hi Peter. From the Admin UI (port 8001), click on Hosts, then the name of the host you want to check. Click the Status tab and you'll see an Expiry field under License Key.
  • Does the Developer Version provide support for multiple languages? Suppose, I want to have advanced stemming support for languages like - French or Spanish, can I do that with the Developer Version?
  • I am a developer on an official academic research project. We are looking for various solutions about NoSQL databases and yours seems to match our requirements. I shall make it clear that while the project is purely academic it may go live as a pilot (free of charge) in order to collect some data. For the live (pilot) version can we use the developer lisence?
  • Sure wish the license page would generate a developer license for me....
    • Scott, are you still having issues?
      • No, I am good to go and able to get documents from MarkLogic via a REST call and insert documents using a XDBC server call, all in C# and ASP.Net!
        • Hi Scott, Kindly share the code snippet for getting documents from MarkLogic and Inserting using REST and XDBC calls
  • I am a doctoral canditate at Walden University. I am researching how nonprofit organizations are using social media for fundraising purposes. My data types are mixed from tweets, to facebook data to blogs, etc. Can this program work for analyzing various data types and is there any student pricing? Thanks - Jackie T.
    • MarkLogic is a database with analytic capabilities and a number of people use it to analyze social media. If you want to write an application for your data, MarkLogic is a great substrate, but MarkLogic itself is not an application. It is free for Academic use - See
      • Updating with current information: in academic settings, you can use the developer license for no-production cases.
  • Where can we find EA 7-1?
    • Duncan, you can find details on the EA program at ; if you are accepted into the program, you can find the downloads off of the links at the bottom of that page after you login.
  • Can i host SHarePoint 2013 Standard edition with developer licence on machine that has HTTP server exposed to internet, for non-profit usage?
    • No, the developer license is not for production use.