Enterprise NoSQL Power for Developers!

  • Up to 1TB of data
  • As big a cluster as you need
  • For development

The Developer License is free to all who sign up and join the MarkLogic developer community. It provides all MarkLogic capabilities including the Universal index, ACID transactions, REST and Java APIs, ODBC connector, semantics, clustering, high-availability and disaster-recovery features. It may not be used for production. It has a 6 month time limit and new licenses may be requested on expiration.

How do you get a key? After you download, install, and start up MarkLogic, browse to the admin interface (http://localhost:8001/) and request a Developer License directly from within the interface. (If you are running MarkLogic on a host other than localhost, replace the localhost name in these links accordingly.)

For full details, see the click-through license agreement when you request a Developer License.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Developer License

Q. What features are available in the Developer License?

A. The Developer License provides all MarkLogic features, including Search HA/DR/Replication, Government-grade Security, Alerting, Location Services, Geospatial indexing and search, Semantics, Tiered Storage, and Transactions.

Q. Can the Developer License be used in a VM or cloud (like Amazon ec2)?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I store more than 1TB of data?

A. You’ll need a different license. If you need additional capacity, please contact MarkLogic.

Q. What do I do when my 6 months runs out?

A. You may request a new license at that time.

Q. How do I get support for the Developer License?

A. Free, community-based support can be found at Stack Overflow. Beyond that, please also see the Developer Support Program we offer.

Q. Can I distribute copies of MarkLogic or the Developer License?

A. Users should be directed to download their own copy of MarkLogic from our download page and they should acquire their own license. (You may not distribute MarkLogic Server binary or any MarkLogic licenses without written permission from MarkLogic.)

Q. Can I build an application using the Developer License and sell that application?

A. You can, but you can’t distribute the MarkLogic Server binary (or any MarkLogic license) as part of that application without written permission from MarkLogic.

Q. Can I publish my work done with MarkLogic?

A. We encourage you to share your work publicly, but note that you can not disclose, without MarkLogic prior written consent, any performance or capacity statistics or the results of any benchmark test performed on MarkLogic.

Q. What happened to the Express and Academic Licenses?

A. MarkLogic no longer issues Express or Academic licenses. We encourage you to use the Free Developer license as a replacement.

Q. Where can I ask additional questions?

A. Please email us if you have additional questions.

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