The MarkLogic Connector for AWS Glue makes it fast and easy to implement high-performance ETL pipelines for ingesting and exporting data from a MarkLogic Data Hub. The connector is available on AWS Marketplace.

AWS Glue provides a fully-managed Apache Spark infrastructure to graphically create, run, and monitor ETL pipelines. Its graphical interface, Glue Studio, automatically generates code for your ETL pipeline thus saving you from the challenges of coding Spark jobs.



Major Benefits

  • Scalable Ingestion: Build batch or real-time ETL pipelines to load data from various AWS services like S3, RDS or third-party databases like Oracle.
  • Secure Sharing: Securely share fit-for-purpose data with various AWS services like SageMaker, Redshift, S3 as well as third-party data stores like Snowflake.
  • Twice the power: Combine MarkLogic’s multi-model querying capabilities with AWS Glue for complex analytical use-cases including streaming, machine learning, and AI.

Getting Started

To use the MarkLogic Connector for AWS Glue, subscribe to the connector in the AWS marketplace. After you subscribe and accept the terms, configure and launch the software. From the “Usage Instructions”, you can activate the connector from AWS Glue Studio. The MarkLogic connector will appear in your AWS Glue Studio, where you will graphically build a data pipeline to read or write data from MarkLogic Data Hub or MarkLogic Data Hub Service.

Alternatively, step through the written tutorial for AWS Glue to follow along with a hands on, end-to-end example.

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Get Started

Learn how to use the connector to load data from a CSV file stored on Amazon S3 storage to a MarkLogic Data Hub Service instance running on AWS.

Why a MarkLogic Connector for AWS Glue?

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Learn more about how you can configure the MarkLogic Connector for AWS Glue, where you will also find documentation for the Spark connector.

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