We are partnering with Microsoft to help you deploy MarkLogic clusters on Azure cloud. We provide an officially supported MarkLogic Azure image and Azure Solution Templates to set up your MarkLogic clusters in a few clicks. MarkLogic has a strong track record of running in development and production environments with major cloud providers, and we continuously work to expand MarkLogic’s capabilities in the cloud.

Along with supporting MarkLogic on Azure platform, many MarkLogic features are designed for a better and easier deployment and management on cloud platforms. With security features such as Encryption, Redaction, and Element-Level Security, MarkLogic is designed to securely host your data on public cloud environments. Please refer to the Security Guide to learn more about these features in MarkLogic.

In addition, MarkLogic offers a support workflow through the Telemetry feature, which aims to shorten resolution time by making system level log, metering, and configuration data accessible as soon as you reach MarkLogic Support. This support workflow increases the availability of your applications in cloud environments.

Getting Started

MarkLogic can be provisioned as a single node server or as a multi-node cluster. You can get access to both of these offerings at the Azure Marketplace.

  • Go to Azure Marketplace and search for MarkLogic.
  • Select the option(s) between Cluster deployment, BYOL deployment and Developer deployment.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions, navigating through the ‘azure’ blades for a successful deployment. Note that you can deploy MarkLogic in an existing template or a new template.
  • Review the MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure Guide for more detailed documentation.

Solution Templates

Solution Templates is an Azure concept which are used to deploy MarkLogic. It is infrastructure-as-code. While MarkLogic provides pre-built templates for customers to quickly deploy Azure, there are customizable templates for customer-specific needs available in the MarkLogic Azure Solution Template Repository.

MarkLogic also supports running MarkLogic Server in Windows Server 2012R, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 on Azure Platform. MarkLogic also publishes Azure Image on Azure Government Cloud. Please ask your account team for more details on these options.

Learn More

MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure Guide

Review over the complete guide for MarkLogic Server on Microsoft Azure.

MarkLogic Security Documentation

Review over the documentation that details the security features of MarkLogic.

MarkLogic Solution Template on Azure

Explore the GitHub Repository for MarkLogic Solution Template on Azure.

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