The MarkLogic Node.js Client API is an open-source JavaScript library. It allows Node.js developers to get going immediately, enabling them quickly, easily, and reliably access MarkLogic from their Node applications.



Major Features

  • An asynchronous JavaScript interface for key MarkLogic capabilities, such as search document management, batch loading, transactions and aggregates.
  • Index and manage JSON documents natively for full-stack JavaScript development.
  • Support building complex queries that leverage MarkLogic’s rich indexes.
  • Extension mechanism that executes JavaScript on Server, where it runs close to the data, for performance-critical or resource-intensive operations.

Getting Started

Tutorials and Samples

Go through the Getting Started with Node.js Client API tutorial to learn about the installation requirements, configuration, loading data, and more.


See the Required Software section of the Node.js Application Developer’s Guide for a more in-depth introduction of the library, including supported versions of Node.js.


The Node.js Client API is available from npm. From within your project directory run the following at the commandline:

npm install marklogic --save

Learn more about installing and using npm. Additional releases and the latest development branch are available on GitHub.


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