Administrator Recipes

MarkLogic versions during rolling upgrade

Generate a report showing which servers have which actual and effective versions.

Find the host names in a cluster

Get names of hosts in the cluster with access to Query Console but not the Admin UI.

Cancel active and queued tasks

Cancel queued requests without clearing the queue or restarting the host.

Developer Recipes

Load or Replace a Module

Load a new module or replace an existing module using Query Console.

Serialize a cts:query

Learn how to get a serialized version of a cts:query.

Move or Rename a Document

Change the URI of a document that is already in your database.

Check if One Sequence is Contained by Another

Find out whether each item in a sequence is also in another sequence.

Ingest an Aggregate JSON File with Many Documents

Learn what to do when need to ingest a large JSON file that contains an array of objects.

Getting the size of a non-binary document

Learn how to get the size of a non-binary document.

Assert Query Mode

All MarkLogic requests run in either query or update mode. Verify that a MarkLogic statement is running in query mode.

Find the counts of values in an index

Find out the values in an element along with their counts.

Quick and dirty testing with an appserver

Learn a quick & dirty way to work with XQuery or SJS.

Security Recipes

Configure SafeNet as a KMIP Complaint Server

Set up and deploy Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure KMS appliance with MarkLogic.

Redact Credit Card Numbers, Replacing with Digits

Redact credit card numeric strings from JSON documents.

Get permissions with role names

Get the permissions on a document, decorated with the names of the roles.

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