Developer Recipes

Check whether one sequence is contained by another

This will work with scalar values as well as with nodes, making it a flexible way of determining membership.

Count documents in directories

If you’re using directories, it can be helpful to know how many documents are in directory.

Search By Day of Week

How to search on derived data, such as day-of-the-week when your data only has a date.

Ingest an Aggregate JSON File with Many Documents Inside
Move or Rename a Document
Quick and dirty testing with an appserver
Load or Replace a Module in a Module Database
Find the counts of values in an index
Assert Query Mode
Apply a function to a JSON property anywhere in a document
Apply function to all values in a map
Check whether two maps are equal

Security Recipes

Configure SafeNet as a KMIP Complaint Server

Here, we walked through a common key management solution, Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure KMS, and how to configure it appropriately.

Redact Credit Card Numbers, Replacing with Digits

MarkLogic provides several built-in functions for redaction; however, none of them quite match the goal in this case. Here we walk you through how.

Get permissions with role names

When we get permissions for a document, we typically get back role IDs; to be useful to people, we really need the role names.

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