Students, professors, and universities are eager to embrace the cutting-edge technology that businesses demand today, and this includes understanding NoSQL databases and acquiring the highly marketable job skills associated with them.

Our expert team can provide a starter curriculum and assistance along the way to help students learn and academic staff teach NoSQL database technology.

To support the academic community, we offer the following:

  • Curriculum Starter Kit: Materials that you can “plug and play” or customize to fit your needs.
  • Hands-On Labs: Environments which you can give to students to use right out of the box. Necessary software and license, sample data, hands-on assignments and projects are included.
  • Workshops and guest lectures: Experts available for guest speaker spots both virtually or in person.

Our curriculum fits well in both Engineering and Computer Science programs, and has technical focuses on business programs such as Management Information Systems. Learn more about our curriculum in this MarkLogic for Universities Brochure.

Lab Instructions

We provide lab environments that contain everything students and professors need to complete the curriculum: software, licenses, sample data, course materials, and examples.

Local Lab Environment

We can provide local virtual machines that run on free software. These virtual machines can also be deployed in a computer lab setting in order to meet the needs of students who may not have their own computer.

Local virtual machines provide students with a sandbox that they can take with them and use even after the course is complete. A local virtual machine can also be used even if the student doesn’t have a fast internet connection.

Hosted Lab Environment

An alternative to a local virtual machine is a hosted environment. The virtual machines are hosted and accessed through a web browser, thus the only prerequisite is a modern web browser and an internet connection.

Hosted virtual machines allow students to access the lab environment from different computers as they complete the course, including computers in computer labs. The only disadvantage of the hosted approach is that a fast internet connection is always required and when the course completes, the environment will go away.

Take the Next Step


Are you a leader in a student organization who is interested in having a MarkLogic expert come and speak to your peers? Do you want NoSQL taught at your school?


Are you looking to ensure your students learn skills that are in high demand? Want to expose them to cutting-edge business practices and technologies?

Course Offerings

Below you’ll find the courses we offer. You may want to explore our free self-paced and instructor-led trainings to get a better understanding of how MarkLogic concepts are taught.

Data Warehousing and Analytics

An Operational Data Hub (ODH) built on modern NoSQL technology is an alternative to a traditional data warehouse. Often, existing data warehouses end up being another data silo that gets integrated into the ODH, which businesses use to power both transactional and analytical applications.

Our curriculum is designed to complement traditional data warehouse coverage by teaching students how to integrate data using agile and efficient NoSQL technology as an alternative to traditional approaches.

Introduction to Databases

Most University programs offer an introductory database course. And traditionally, that curriculum teaches relational database technology. While learning relational technology is good, it alone does not provide students with a complete view of modern databases that businesses use.

Our curriculum is designed to complement that coverage, enabling students to learn both relational and NoSQL database concepts so they leave with a well-rounded, modern understanding of databases.

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