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CORB is a Java tool designed for bulk content-reprocessing of documents stored in MarkLogic. In a nutshell, CORB works off a list of documents in a database and performs operations against those documents. CORB operations can include generating a report across all documents, manipulating the individual documents or a combination thereof. CORB stands for Content Reprocessing in Bulk and is a multi-threaded workhorse tool at your disposal.

CORB was originally developed by Michael Blakeley and submitted to the Open Source Community (OSC). CORB 1.0 provides basic functionality for selecting documents and using multiple threads to apply an XQuery against them. In 2014, CORB2 was released by Bhagat Bandlamudi to the OSC. CORB2 extends CORB by adding considerable new functionality.

To get started with CORB, see the README file.


  • Please help .I want to  use CORB for bulk processing,but using the readme file I'm not able to configure it. I'll appreciate if someone can provide better demo!