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Have a technical question regarding MarkLogic? Think you have some answers to give? Get the most useful answers to questions from the MarkLogic community.

Meetups and Events

Meetup in person with other MarkLogicians in cities around the world to network, share best practices, and discuss innovative ideas. All skill levels, and even the curious, are welcome.

GitHub Community

MarkLogic’s preferred place for sharing code and new tools is through the GitHub MarkLogic Community. Explore and download MarkLogic code, tools, projects, and more.

Community Tools

MarkLogic has many tools which are often open source projects that have benefited from the contributions of the MarkLogic developer community. Many projects have repositories hosted at GitHub, MarkLogic’s preferred site for sharing code. If you’re new to GitHub, there is a wealth of help available.

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A Gradle plugin that can automate everything you do with MarkLogic: deploy an application, add a host, backup a database, stub out a new project, load modules as you modify.

MarkLogic Unit Test

A unit test framework for MarkLogic, including a REST endpoint for listing and running unit tests, as well as a Java library for integration with existing test frameworks like JUnit.


The community-driven MarkLogic Grove project provides a toolkit full of tooling, templates, and other resources that help with building UI applications on top of MarkLogic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Developers answer common questions related to MarkLogic features and tools. You may also find our Recipes helpful, which are short solutions to common questions.

Geospatial Region Search

Common questions about comparing regions when using Region Search.

Geospatial Double Precision

Common questions about double-precision geospatial indexes.

Hadoop Integration

Questions about integration between Hadoop and MarkLogic.


Have questions about Semantics? We’ve got answers.

Template Driven Extraction

Frequently Asked Questions about Template Driven Extraction (TDE).

Stack Overflow Questions

Find answers to MarkLogic-tagged questions on the Stack Overflow Q&A site.

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