Operational and Transactional Enterprise NoSQL Database

The MarkLogic database platform has everything you need to integrate, store, manage, and search all of your data, and is 100% percent trusted to run critical business operations.

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MarkLogic 9

MarkLogic 9 is our most ambitious release ever. It includes major new features to improve data integration, security, and manageability—all designed to make integrating data from silos easier and faster, and to ensure that your integrated data is well-governed and managed.

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Key Resources

Data Hub Framework

Free and open source framework to quickly build an Operational Data Hub.

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Free Training

Hands-on, instructor-led training to teach everything from the basics to advanced application development.

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Understanding Resource Consumption

Learn details about MarkLogic core functions and operations and configure MarkLogic for optimal success.

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Deploy on Cloud

Get going in minutes with MarkLogic in AWS and Azure using the provided AMIs and Azure Image.

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