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MarkLogic 7

The Enterprise NoSQL Database

If you need the performance and flexibility of NoSQL, along with trusted Enterprise-grade features like ACID transactions, security, high-availability, and disaster recovery, MarkLogic is THE choice.




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Download, Install, or Launch an AMI

Enjoy the simplicity of a document database, along with the security of ACID transactional updates.

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  • See how it works

    The core architectural features of a MarkLogic-based application will make sense to anyone with an RDBMS background... Learn More

  • Try a tutorial

    Continue learning REST or Java APIs, see how to load your own data, or dig into writing stored procedures in XQuery. See tutorials

  • Watch a demo

    Running on a small MarkLogic cluster, markmail.org, provides search and analysis of over 65 million emails from nearly 9000 mailing lists... Watch demo

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