Writing and Searching POJOs in MarkLogic

Erik Hennum
Last updated September 8, 2012


The kind folks at Jaxenter have published Erik's article on this topic. You can find it there.


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  • I found the POJO examples very useful for my use case. But can some help me with word counting for the matched documents. Say, in one of the examples particularly the StringSearcher example , the string to be searched is 'Aretha Franklin" AND "Otis Redding', so it matched two documents, now I want to find the top ten words in these two matched documents from the description element containing the description . How can I achieve this.Is there a way to tell Marklogic something like ' match all the documents with 'Aretha Franklin" AND "Otis Redding' and from those matched documents return all the words or terms with the counts and that also only the top ten.