MarkLogic Java API

Duke The MarkLogic Java Client API provides access to core MarkLogic database and search functionality. It allows Java developers to get going quickly, enabling them to re-use existing knowledge, skills, libraries, tools, and development environments.

The Java API is developed in the open on GitHub. Submit tickets and pull requests there to contribute.

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Release 3.0.7 zip package (compatible with MarkLogic 8) 6.9MB(SHA1)






The API provides interfaces for

  • Document CRUD and management, including support for
  • Query by Example
  • Full-text search, including
    • Result snippeting, paging, and facets
    • Configurable search input string parsing
    • Advanced search specification and configuration, including support for
      • Keyword, phrase, value, near, and boolean searches
      • Control of stemming, case-sensitivity, collation, and decompounding
      • Control of diacritics and punctuation handling
    • Tokenization and stemming for 13 languages
    • Spelling dictionaries and thesauri
  • Multi-statement (and multi-document) transaction management
  • Semantics
    • MarkLogic 8.0-4 and later supports Semantic queries and updates common libraries, extending these APIs for variable bindings, combination queries and other features.
    • Jena -- an Apache framework for Semantic Web and Linked Data applications
    • Sesame -- a framework for processing and handling RDF data
  • Analytics, including values and aggregates
  • Security, including
    • API-level security via seperate read, write, and administrative access control
    • Management of document-level (and collection/directory?) privileges

The Java Client API is built on top of the MarkLogic REST API.

Tutorials and Samples


See the Getting Started section of the Java Application Developer's Guide for an introduction, including what version of Java is required.


MarkLogic 7

Release 2.0.6 zip package (compatible with MarkLogic 7) 4.9MB




  • For version 2.0.5 the artifactId is java-client-api