Which NoSQL?

If you need the agility, flexibilty, and performance of a NoSQL document database, along with enterprise-class transaction processing, security, and robustness, check out MarkLogic.

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What’s MarkLogic?

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MarkLogic is a database that is...

MarkLogic stores data in Documents, be they encoded as JSON, XML, text, or even binary. This document-centric model is ideal for data that should not be disassembled into rows and columns, such as contracts, manuals, books, and metadata.
MarkLogic is built for speed and implemented via optimized, native C++ code. Documents are stored on disk as compressed trees, aside rich, powerful indexes. MarkLogic users regularly run advanced queries across terabytes of data in billions of documents with sub-second responses.
MarkLogic's shared-nothing architecture enables speed and scale on commodity hardware. As data volume or CPU load grows, near linear scaling is achieved by adding more hardware nodes.
MarkLogic is an ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) transactional database. Insert/update/delete operations can be performed atomically and subsequent queries can see those changes with zero latency. MarkLogic supports distributed transactions, multi-statement transactions, and even XA transactions.
Schema-free, yet structure-aware
MarkLogic does not require pre-defined schemas, allowing you to load data “as is.” Data with poorly defined, poorly followed, changing, and/or unknowable schemas are efficiently stored and indexed. When you insert/update/delete a document, MarkLogic updates its indexes for both text and structure found in the data. The structure-aware indexing can capture embedded meaning in documents, such as names or phone numbers, for more precise search and analysis.
Built as a real-time search engine
Like Google's Percolator, MarkLogic was architected from the ground up with advanced real-time search capabilities, so it requires no third-party search engine. It supports all the search capabilities today’s organizations need, ranging from word/phrase search and stemming, to advanced capabilities like geospatial search and alerting. And like Percolator, there is no batch indexing required. Search indexes are updated in real-time during a transaction.
MarkLogic ensures high availability and disaster recovery through enterprise-class, battle-tested implementations of automatic failover, replication, journaling, clustering, database rollback, and point-in-time recovery.
With fine-grained privileges, role-based security, document-level permissions, HTTPS access, as well as validation in accordance with the provisions of the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) for IT Security, MarkLogic is the most secure NoSQL database on the planet.
Free and easy to get going
MarkLogic provides a free Express license for developers to learn MarkLogic and deploy small projects. There is a REST API to get you going quickly, as well as a W3C standard query language (XQuery) for authoring application-specific, tuned queries.