ml-gradle is a Gradle plugin that can automate everything you do with MarkLogic. Deploy an application, add a host, backup a database, stub out a new project, load modules as you modify them, run an MLCP or CoRB or Data Movement job– if it involves MarkLogic, ml-gradle either automates it already or can be extended to do so.

For information about how to use ml-gradle, please see the project’s README and wiki documentation.

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Using ml-gradle for Automation

Learn how ml-gradle can help automate MarkLogic configurations, deploy content and application servers, and configure security in this video series.

ml-gradle Documentation on GitHub

Learn how to get started using ml-gradle, including getting started, common tasks, and example projects. Integration and debugging guides are also available on the site.

Administering MarkLogic Server Course

This three-day instructor-led course provides administrators with necessary hands-on experience and knowledge to install, deploy, configure, monitor, and maintain MarkLogic.

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