Out-of-the-box, MarkLogic provides you with the industry-leading security you need. But your organization may require the Advanced Security option, which supports additional security capabilities, including:

  • External Key Management for additional separation of concerns and ease of management for storing encryption keys. This option is helpful when you want to leverage an external Key Management System (KMS), such as Amazon Web Services KMS or Gemalto’s SafeNet, that is already in use in your security infrastructure.
  • Redaction for when pieces of your data need to be removed or obscured when exporting data for sharing. This security feature is beneficial in meeting compliance guidelines like HIPAA, SEC17a-4, FINRA, and GDPR, to name just a few.
  • Compartment Security to further restrict data access by requiring users to have all of the right roles to view data, not just one of the right roles. This security feature is often employed to protect classified material in government systems.

Here you’ll find some of the key technical resources to help walk you through utilizing MarkLogic’s Advanced Security option, which you can explore below.

Learn More

MarkLogic Security Course

Learn to secure your data with MarkLogic! This hands-on course will show you how to securely manage data inside the MarkLogic database.

MarkLogic Security Guide

Read through the extensive documentation on security in MarkLogic in the Security Guide. There are 18 chapters to help you with all your security needs.

Security Video Tutorial Series

Learn about how to create users and roles to protect access, redacting content when exported, protecting data within documents, and many more topics.

Integrating with Single Sign-On Whitepaper

Learn how applications built on MarkLogic can be integrated with SSO solutions at the database layer in order to prevent passwords from being directly sent to MarkLogic.

Certified Security Technical Resources

On top of MarkLogic’s Advanced Security option, MarkLogic provides certified security. Explore the technical resources related to Certified Security.

Configure SafeNet as a KMIP Compliant Server

This short tutorial enumerates a common key management solution procedure that set ups, configures, and deploys Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure KMS appliance with MarkLogic.

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