Data security is critical to maintaining data integrity and trust. That is why MarkLogic provides fine-grained, certified security that organizations require in order to shield against today’s cyber threats. With more advanced security features and certifications than any other NoSQL database, MarkLogic is considered the most secure NoSQL database. This is one of the reasons MarkLogic is chosen to run the most demanding, mission-critical applications at the heart of large investment banks, major healthcare organizations, and classified government systems.

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (i.e., “Common Criteria”) is an international standard by which vendors demonstrate their commitment and ability to provide security to their customers. Getting the certification is a rigorous process and is anything but common. You can learn more about the process of certification in this blog. The list of vendors with certification is short, and MarkLogic is the only NoSQL database to make this list.

Explore some technical resources behind Certified Security in MarkLogic below.

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Developing Secure Applications on MarkLogic

Take a closer look at security functionality in this discussion of the MarkLogic Security Model to find out how it supports developing secure applications on MarkLogic.

Building Security into MarkLogic

Read through an in-depth look of how security is built into MarkLogic, which also details about the MarkLogic Security Framework that guides you through the process.

Understanding System Resources

This guide helps you understand resource consumption by breaking down common MarkLogic functions while providing detail on system impact (I/O, CPU, memory, etc.).

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