For many organizations, moving data and applications to cloud environments are some of their most urgent IT initiatives. Recognizing this demand from our customers, we have developed several capabilities to make it easy and secure for our customers to deploy and operate MarkLogic in the cloud.

Cloud Neutrality

MarkLogic is an official partner with and runs on both Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure (Azure).

Recognizing that there is variance in architecture, hardware/software layers, and service offerings that are available with different cloud platforms, MarkLogic ensures the ability to run on the public cloud of your choice.

Cloud Migration Checklist

You can plan your migration to cloud using this short checklist:

  • Choose your platform
  • Think about your MarkLogic capacity planning and cluster sizing
  • Train your staff on DevOp fundamentals and cloud platform specifics
  • Choose your deployment tools
  • Choose your management tools

When you are using Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, all the networking, security, virtual machines and storage become programmable. This paradigm offers you more choices, flexibility and scalability, and in turn enables a greater degree of self-service for your IT team and developers.

Microservices and Docker

MarkLogic is compatible with container (Docker) technologies and can be leveraged to build and operationalize microservices architectures. Microservices are new approaches to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate over APIs and a MarkLogic docker image accelerates the processes.

Official MarkLogic images can be accessed at DockerHub and is also available as a RedHat Universal Base Image (UBI).

Getting Started

MarkLogic on AWS

Learn how to deploy MarkLogic on AWS.

MarkLogic on Azure

Learn how to deploy MarkLogic on Azure.

MarkLogic on Docker

Learn how to deploy MarkLogic on Docker.

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