The MarkLogic Data Hub is an open-source software interface that works to ingest data from multiple sources, harmonize that data, master it, and then search and analyze it. It runs on MarkLogic Server, and together, they provide a unified platform for mission-critical use cases.

You can install Data Hub by executing tasks with the Data Hub Gradle plugin. For details, see how to install the latest Data Hub version.


Data Hub 5 (latest version):

Data Hub 5:

Data Hub 4:

Major Features

  • Architecture built around a three-step process: ingest and discover data; model and harmonize data; and deliver data to downstream systems and applications
  • Framework includes MarkLogic’s enterprise capabilities: fine-grained, industry-leading data security, high availability and disaster recovery, ACID transactions, and more
  • Operational Data Hub Pattern facilitates faster and more agile data integration, while allowing real-time concurrent interactive access to data
  • Secures all the data and operations at the entity or attribute level and traces data lineage


To get started using the MarkLogic Data Hub, go through the Getting Started with MarkLogic Data Hub tutorial to learn about the installation requirements, configuration, loading data, and more. The full MarkLogic Data Hub documentation is also available and covers everything Data Hub.

Get Started

Hub Central Tutorial

Learn how to build and deploy a data hub for integrating, curating, and exploring data, by completing an example project step-by-step.

Getting Started Videos

This video series provides an overview of Data Hub Central, from load, to model, curate, and explore.

Free Training

This instructor-led track guides you through using Data Hub Service to integrate, secure, and use your data in the cloud.

Related Resources


Full product documentation that covers data management, deployment, security, provenance, lineage, and more.

Data Hub Service

The MarkLogic Data Hub delivered as a service. Explore some of its technical resources here.

QuickStart Tutorial

Learn how to use the MarkLogic Data Hub QuickStart (versions 5.2 and earlier) to integrate data in an agile way.

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