The Pega MarkLogic Connector allows MarkLogic customers to use the Pega Repository API to enable content storage and retrieval directly from the MarkLogic database. Clients that want to use Pega Infinity and MarkLogic can now have case attachments, and content be stored in MarkLogic.

By adding the Pega MarkLogic Connector to your Pega application, you can integrate your application with a MarkLogic database using the new Repository interface. Select MarkLogic as a Repository type when creating a new Repository. Additionally, if you enable the use of the MarkLogic repository from the Application definition, all attachments and content will automatically be stored in the MarkLogic database.



Major Features

  • Repository API implementation for MarkLogic
  • Store attachments directly in MarkLogic
  • Share Case and Case History snapshots via Flow Smart Shape
  • Use MarkLogic REST APIs
  • Multiple configuration options for collections, transforms, and other MarkLogic options
  • Apply best practices for document to case linkage
  • Search and access the MarkLogic repository directly via multiple pre-built Datapages


In order to use this connector, you need an existing MarkLogic instance. In addition, the MarkLogic instance will need to be configured to allow Pega to access the MarkLogic services via an account.

Compatible versions:

  • Java 8 to 16
  • MarkLogic Server 10.0
  • Pega 8.5.3 or greater

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