The MarkLogic connector for Apache Spark is an Apache Spark 3 connector that supports reading data from and writing data to MarkLogic. Within any Spark 3 environment, the connector enables users to easily query for data in MarkLogic, manipulate it using widely-known Spark operations, and then write results back to MarkLogic or disseminate them to another system. Data can also be easily imported into MarkLogic by first reading it from any data source that Spark supports and then writing it to MarkLogic.



Major Features

Reading Data:

  • Schema inference based on Optic DSL query using fromView()​
  • Batch reads and micro-batch streaming​
  • Tune Performance​ via number of partitions​ and batch size
  • Read rows from MarkLogic via custom code

Writing Data:

  • Write rows as documents via DMSDK​
  • Configure Document URIs​, collections​, permissions​
  • Support streaming
  • Tune Performance​ via thread count and batch size

Reprocess Data

  • Process rows via custom code in MarkLogic


  • Apache Spark 3.3.0 or higher. The connector has been tested with the latest versions of Spark 3.3.x of 3.4.x.
  • For writing data, MarkLogic 9.0-9 or higher.
  • For reading data, MarkLogic 10.0-9 or higher.

Get Started

To learn more about the project and get started visit the MarkLogic Spark documentation.

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