Data Hub Explorer is a read-only web application built to explore the MarkLogic Data Hub using REST services to communicate with the final database. It is a simple point-and-click interface for data exploration that you can use to validate harmonized data and assess data quality.

Introducing Data Hub Explore

Learn about Data Hub entities and curated data exploration in a hands-on video introducing Data Hub Explorer.

Learning Objectives

Explore Data Hub Entities and curated data in MarkLogic’s Data Hub Service.


To follow along with this tutorial, you need to:

  • Get started on MarkLogic Data Hub Service Azure or AWS (Low Priority service only)
  • Familiarize yourself with MarkLogic Data Hub version 5.2 +
  • Complete the Data Hub QuickStart written tutorial
  • Login to Data Hub Explorer on default port 8020

Learn More


Read the full documentation for the Data Hub Explorer.

Data Hub QuickStart

Walk through the quick start tutorial for the Data Hub from the beginning.


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