Data Hub Central Community Edition (DHCCE) is a suite of applications that provides graphical data modeling and exploration of your MarkLogic Data Hub. The tool provides you with a no-code solution to creating a semantically enriched Entity Services data model by simply drawing graphs. Designed for data architects and business stakeholders who collaborate on data models, DHCCE gives users a graphical user interface to create representations of business entities and the relationships between them. DHCCE is composed of three components:

  • Connect provides a whiteboard-like canvas using circles and lines for modeling the key business concepts required to solve a business problem by expressing them as entities and relationships. Circles are your entities and lines are the relationships between them.
  • Explore is an Entity Explorer for visualizing the results of data harmonized using the model created in “Connect”. Once you’ve run your data hub’s mapping and mastering flows, it provides a searchable graph for your Data Hub.
  • Know is a simple graph viewer to visualize graphs and relationships in a Data Hub and understand context. MarkLogic Data Hub makes use of its native triplestore by building a sophisticated semantic model underneath your entities and their relationships. DHCCE Know is the place to go to explore the ontological dimensions of your Data Hub.

Note: DHCCE is a community tool. As such, it is not supported by MarkLogic Corporation, however a very active and talented community updates and corrects the project on a best-effort approach.  Any contribution or feedback is welcomed to make the tool better. DHCCE is designed to run on MarkLogic Data Hub Framework 5.1 or greater and MarkLogic 10 or greater.

If you’d like to get started using DHCCE, explore some of the technical resources below.

VIew Github repository

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