Community Tools

MarkLogic has many tools which are often open source projects that have benefited from the contributions of the MarkLogic developer community. Many projects have repositories hosted at GitHub, MarkLogic’s preferred site for sharing code. If you’re new to GitHub, there is a wealth of help available. We encourage contributions from the developer community, so please take a look at how to fork a repo and create a pull request on GitHub. Also, look for the file in a project; maintainers often use this to give you guidelines for contributions. We have a GitHub MarkLogic Community, but we recommend exploring here first.

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A Gradle plugin that can automate everything you do with MarkLogic: deploy an application, add a host, backup a database, stub out a new project, load modules as you modify.

MarkLogic Unit Test

A unit test framework for MarkLogic, including a REST endpoint for listing and running unit tests, as well as a Java library for integration with existing test frameworks like JUnit.


This community-driven MarkLogic project provides a toolkit full of tooling, templates, and other resources that help with building UI applications on top of MarkLogic.

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