The Data Hub provides an out-of-the-box, end-to-end architecture with pre-defined functions enabling you to build an operational data hub quickly. It empowers architects and developers to leverage the power of the MarkLogic multi-model database to create data flows from a multitude of source systems, harmonize that data, and serve the harmonized data using open APIs faster than ever.

The Data Hub architecture is built around a three step process: ingest and discover data; model and harmonize data; and lastly, deliver data to downstream systems and applications. Underlying the framework are all of MarkLogic’s enterprise capabilities: fine-grained, industry-leading data security, high availability and disaster recovery, ACID transactions, and more- everything you need to run in production.

The Best Way to Build a Data Hub

In this session, Paxton Hare explains what a data hub is, how it solves data integration challenges, and how organizations are building powerful operational data hubs faster and easier than ever before with the MarkLogic Data Hub.

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Learn how to get started building a MarkLogic Data Hub and what the various components are. Jump right in using the QuickStart Tutorial.

Get the Data Hub

The code repository is a data integration framework and toolset to quickly and efficiently integrate data from many sources into a single MarkLogic database and then expose that data.

Getting Started Video Tutorial

Go from download to a data hub in just over an hour. This series of short video tutorials walk you through installation, getting started, ingest, curate, access, and deployment of your first data hub.

Data Hub Course

Learn to use the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework to quickly build a data hub during this instructor-led 8-hour course with hands-on labs.

Cooking Up a Data Hub with MarkLogic

Paxton Hare discusses the secret recipe for building a data hub: ingest, curate, access.

Data Hub Service

Looking to deploy your data hub in the cloud? Look no further than the MarkLogic Data Hub Service, combining the powerful data integration of a data hub with the reliability and ease of operations of a cloud service.

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