Explore through the technical resources for the MarkLogic Data Hub Service, a fully automated cloud service to integrate data from silos. It is based on the MarkLogic Data Hub, and provides a service that enables agile teams to immediately start integrating and curating data for both operational and analytical use.

Delivered as a cloud service, it provides on-demand capacity, auto-scaling, automated database operations, and proven enterprise data security. Unlike other cloud services, however, it’s cost-effective and predictable even as enterprise workloads fluctuate.

Need more help with MarkLogic Data Hub Service? There is online help and documentation for the MarkLogic Data Hub Service available online, which includes topics on getting started and managing your service.

Learn More

Data Hub Service QuickStart Guide

Read the quick start that explains how MarkLogic can help you quickly and easily stand up an initial Data Hub in the cloud.

Getting Started with the Data Hub Video Tutorial

Learn about our Data Hub Service and why it makes it easy to deploy projects in the cloud without purchasing or managing infrastructure.

Getting Started with Data Hub Service on AWS

This tutorial gets users new to AWS up and running quickly by focusing on the specific components you need to get started.

Data Hub Service with a Private VPC

Learn how to configure a private MarkLogic Data Hub Service VPC and the peering required to allow your VPC to communicate with the provisioned MarkLogic VPC.

Online Help for Data Hub Service

Find out what Data Hub Service is, the prerequisites for it, and how to get started using Data Hub Service.

Introducing MarkLogic Data Hub Service

Read the blog where Joe Pasqua announces the launch of MarkLogic Data Hub Service, and summarizes some of its key features.

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