In this short video, you will get an overview of some of the key principles of the MarkLogic Data Hub, see it in action as it is used to ingest, curate, and harmonize data, and then create new data services to solve a real business need. The demo is delivered by Greg Nist, Senior Director of Training, Community, and Documentation at MarkLogic.

Introducing MarkLogic Data Hub

Get Started

Ready to build your first Data Hub? If you would like to build the project that is shown in this demo you can follow along with a detailed step-by-step QuickStart Tutorial for Data Hub. You will get your Data Hub up and running, through ingest, curate, access, and deploy.

Install MarkLogic

Don’t have MarkLogic installed? First thing’s first! The QuickStart Tutorial assumes you have a MarkLogic Server installed.

MarkLogic has a free, fully functioning developer license for you to use so that you can begin building your own MarkLogic Data Hub today! Download MarkLogic Server and then follow along with the appropriate installation video to get MarkLogic installed and running on your machine:

Installation: Windows
Installation: Linux
Installation: Mac OS X

Then, after downloading the Data Hub QuickStart, you are ready to get started!

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Learn More

Free Developer Training

MarkLogic University offers free training. Want to build that awesome app? Get off the ground quickly with the MarkLogic developer track.

Data Hub Technical Resources

Explore all the technical resources related to the Data Hub, including written and video tutorials, white papers, courses, and more.

Data Hub Service Technical Resources

Explore all of the technical resources for the Data Hub Service, combining the Data Hub with the ease of a cloud service.

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