With MarkLogic, build your application once and run it anywhere, whether on-premises, virtualized, or in the cloud. With other databases, you must choose up front where to deploy, and you have little flexibility to change later. Most other databases are purpose-built for each particular environment—you run different versions of that vendor’s software depending on the environment.

Another reason is simply a licensing model designed to favor vendors—if you migrate to the cloud, you must buy a new cloud-specific license. MarkLogic takes a different approach: it’s the same product. You get one enterprise product that runs in the environment of your choice. If you start on-premises and migrate to the cloud later on, that is okay. And, MarkLogic has been successfully running in production cloud environments for almost a decade.

Explore MarkLogic’s Flexible Deployment and Cloud technical resources below.

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MarkLogic on AWS White Paper

Review important MarkLogic implementation characteristics, such as performance, durability, and security.

AWS & CloudFormation Templates

Learn the best (and easiest) way to provision MarkLogic Managed Clusters via Cloud Formation templates.

How MarkLogic runs on AWS and Azure

Run through a checklist of technical considerations for running MarkLogic in the cloud on either AWS and Azure.

Getting Started with MarkLogic Data Hub Service on AWS

This tutorial gets users new to AWS up and running quickly by focusing on the specific components you need to get started.

Setting up MarkLogic Data Hub Service with a Private VPC

Learn how to configure a private MarkLogic Data Hub Service VPC and how to configure peering to allow your VPC to communicate with the provisioned MarkLogic VPC.

Quickstart with the Kafka-MarkLogic-Connector in AWS

This tutorial will help you achieve a system setup which includes an AWS instance for MarkLogic, an AWS instance for Kafka, as well as setting up MarkLogic and Kafka.

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