This is the home for MarkLogic and MarkLogic-related tools and samples, including collaborative open-source projects and 3rd party offerings. You'll see a curated index of them over on the left-hand side of this page. Many of the projects have repositories hosted at GitHub, the well known social-coding site. While we will promote and point to repositories elsewhere (like SourceForge, Codeplex or Google code), we prefer working with GitHub.

There is a wealth of help on git and GitHub available. In particular, if you'd like to contribute to one of these projects, please take a look at how to fork a repo and send a pull request. If you have questions about contributing, you can reach us at:

community-requests AT

You can also find tools and connectors that are official parts of MarkLogic on the download page.


  • Scala bindings for XCC.
    • Hey Dino, I've listed your Scala bindings on this page now. Thanks!!