The MarkLogic MuleSoft Connector provides easy integration to MuleSoft, delivering data movement and transformation pipelines via MuleSoft Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Design Center flows. The connector allows MarkLogic customers to leverage the rich ecosystem of Anypoint connectors to integrate data from many sources into a MarkLogic Operational Data Hub.



Major Features

The connector is built using MarkLogic’s Data Movement SDK, a Java library for efficiently moving large amounts of data into, out of, or within a MarkLogic cluster. It delivers data movement and transformation capabilities for use within MuleSoft Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Design Center.

Getting Started


The MuleSoft Connector for MarkLogic is built atop the MarkLogic Java Client API and Data Movement SDK (DMSDK), which are used to do all the work with MarkLogic. The Connector is based on the Mule 4 Runtime EngineMule SDK 1.1, and is developed and tested with Anypoint Studio 7.


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