As a means to better serve and understand its developer community, MarkLogic formed the SuperNodes group in summer 2011. Members of this select group are among the most experienced and knowledgable developers in our community. The purposes of the program are

  • To provide a direct connection between MarkLogic and power-users in our community.
  • To provide recognition and status to strong, active community members.
MarkLogic maintains a exclusive mailing list for SuperNode discussions. On occasion, MarkLogic shares early preview "NDA-style" information with SuperNodes via this list. Additional, benefits of membership include occasional discounts to MarkLogic events.

The current list of developers includes:

  Betty Harvey              Michael Fagan
  Darin McBeath             Rob Whitby
  David Lee (Honorary)      Ron Hitchens
  David Sewell              Ryan Grimm
  Florent Georges           Ryan Semerau (Honorary)
  Geert Josten              Sam Mefford
  Michael Blakeley          Shannon Shiflett
  Telly Stroumbis           Jakob Fix
  Craig Schlegelmilch

Recent Blog Posts

How MarkLogic Supports ACID Transactions

by Mike Wooldridge, August 27, 2015
A key feature of MarkLogic is ACID compliance. ACID stands for atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, and meeting these four requirements means that transactions in MarkLogic are reliable.

SQL's "Group By" the MarkLogic way

by Gabo Manuel, July 21, 2015
Aggregates like count and sum are heavily used in RDBMS. For people learning MarkLogic, the first match for the same set of functions (fn:count, cts:count, fn:sum, cts:sum) are generally not the right choice. Let's take a look at their lexicon-driven counterparts.

Let's Get Organized

by Dave Cassel, June 26, 2015
Discover the three types of collections MarkLogic offers, including a new one and a little-known one.

As You Wish

by Michael Malgeri, June 3, 2015
Show me how MarkLogic is an Enterprise NoSQL Database *and* a bonafide, W3C-compliant triplestore.
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