MarkLogic User Groups are informal volunteer events for users to meet, discuss, and share best practices regionally. This is an easy way to meet peers and learn how to get more out of MarkLogic Server.

User Group events are free and open to all users, regardless of company affiliation (i. e. expect that competitive companies will be participating together and respecting each others’ confidentiality). If you want to participate in a user group, you can use the map above or go directly to If there are none in your region, join the general developer mailing list or contact us.


Organize a User Group

If you are interested in starting a new user group you are encouraged to use the mailing list to find other users in your region and to contact MarkLogic for sponsorship. MarkLogic provides support for User Groups, such as modest financial support to cover refreshments and AV Content and technical speakers when appropriate.

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