Easily connect Tableau with live MarkLogic data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting. The MarkLogic connector can be found within “Other Databases (ODBC)” in the “Connect” dialog within Tableau.

Tableau Connector

Major Features

  • Fast, easy connection for quick, real-time access for all your data needs
  • 2x power – Full-on search/query capabilities on curated, governed, secure data with full Tableau functionality

Getting Started

In order to user the Tableau Connector, you need MarkLogic configured with TDEs and an ODBC server. After you install and configure the latest ODBC driver, install Tableau.

A video tutorial is available to help you get started with the Tableau Connector for MarkLogic; be sure to select the “MarkLogic and Tableau” video from the series. The SQL Data Modeling Guide also has instructions.


Related Resources

Tableau Video Tutorial

Get started with the Tableau Connector and walk through setting up and generating a dashboard. Be sure to select the “MarkLogic and Tableau” video from the series.

SQL Data Modeling Guide

The “Connecting Tableau to MarkLogic Server” chapter of the SQL Data Modeling Guide walks you through getting set up and adding tables to your Tableau Workbook.

TDE Technical Resources

The connector requires setting up Template Driven Extractions (TDEs). Explore all the technical resources related to TDEs including documentation and tutorials.

ODBC Driver

The connector also requires getting and setting up an ODBC driver. Get, install, and configure the right ODBC driver for your environment and access additional resources.

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