MarkLogic Connector for Tableau provides a fast, easy, real-time connection to full Tableau functionality. It enables you to unearth the value in your data with MarkLogic’s integration, search, governance, and built-in curation capabilities, and the dynamic visual analysis and reporting of Tableau. It’s available on Tableau’s connector extension gallery.


Developed on top of the Tableau SDK, the Tableau Connector for MarkLogic offers reliability and ease of connection for business analysts, data engineers, or anyone who needs to provide data to end-users downstream.

Major Benefits

  • Fast and easy – Simple Tableau connection to fit-for-purpose data in MarkLogic for quick, real-time data access for SQL-based analytics.
  • Twice the power – Combine MarkLogic’s full search and query capabilities on curated, governed, secure data with full Tableau functionality
  • Integrate your data and use all your data – MarkLogic can handle all your data in any format so you can gain insight from all data, not just the data that’s convenient to analyze
  • Ensure data quality – MarkLogic enables you to store metadata, source data, and canonical data all in a single document

Getting Started

MarkLogic Connector for Tableau works on Mac, Windows, and Linux and is built on top of PostgreSQL’s open-source ODBC driver. Users can download the connector,  move the downloaded taco file to the “My Tableau Repository” folder, start Tableau and select the MarkLogic connector under the “Connect” tab, and that’s it. This reduces friction in getting your data to Tableau and your data users can immediately start analyzing the data. 

To use the MarkLogic Connector for Tableau, install and configure the latest ODBC driver and install Tableau.

For more detail on how to set up ODBC, please visit our written tutorial for Mac OSX and our ODBC setup docs page for Windows and Linux instructions.

Alternately, you can still connect to Tableau via REST for visualizations of unstructured hierarchical data sources.


Related Resources

Tableau Video Tutorial

Get started with the Tableau Connector and walk through setting up and generating a dashboard. Be sure to select the “MarkLogic and Tableau” video from the series.

ODBC Driver

The connector also requires getting and setting up an ODBC driver. Get, install, and configure the right ODBC driver for your environment and access additional resources.

ODBC Driver for Mac OSX

Install and set up the project that contains the base driver code to enable a connection with MarkLogic through the ODBC Driver for Mac OSX.

SQL Data Modeling Guide

The “Connecting Tableau to MarkLogic Server” chapter of the SQL Data Modeling Guide walks you through getting set up and adding tables to your Tableau Workbook.

TDE Technical Resources

The connector requires setting up Template Driven Extractions (TDEs). Explore all the technical resources related to TDEs including documentation and tutorials.

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