MarkLogic 8

Amazon Web Services

AMIs and Cloud Formation Templates

Microsoft Windows (7, 8, Server 2008, and Server 2012)

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit Installer 164 MB   (SHA1)

Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9

OS X disk image 138 MB   (SHA1)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 6

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit RPM 175 MB   (SHA1)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 7

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit RPM 169 MB   (SHA1)

CentOS 6

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit RPM 175 MB   (SHA1)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) 64-bit RPM 175 MB   (SHA1)

Sun Solaris 10

x64 (AMD64, Intel EM64T) pkgadd 269 MB   (SHA1)


Older versions

You can find previous releases of MarkLogic Server here


  • I have downloaded MarkLogic server and installed in Windows server. After I started it, I couldn't open "http://localhost:8000", instead I got "403 forbidden error". Could you help?
    • First thing to check -- did you "Run as Administrator" when starting MarkLogic? Also check whether some other process might have already been running on port 8000. If those don't solve your problem, I suggest posting it on <a href="">Stack Overflow</a> or the developer's email list to get more eyes on your question.
  • What would be the most suitable Linux version to use if I would like try out MarkLogic 8 on a Ubuntu 14.04 server? Thanks.
    • Daniel, I'm not sure I understand your question, since you've specified a Linux version. Ubuntu is not supported (you can see the list of supported Linux versions on the <a href="">System Requirements page</a>). There is a Stack Overflow answer that shows <a href="">an unsupported way to work with MarkLogic on Ubuntu</a>.
  • where can i find the nobel database to set up a database -forest connection and load data
    • If you're referring to the Oscars sample data set that ships with MarkLogic, you can point your browser to http://localhost:8000/appservices, then click on the "New Example Application" button.
      • thank u .. !! tried working with sample cases which are already with ML 8..! that's of a grt help..
      • thank u David for u help...