A fully managed, fully automated cloud service to integrate data from silos. Powered by MarkLogic Server, the service enables agile teams to start integrating and curating data immediately, with no infrastructure to buy or manage.
The MarkLogic Data Hub is an open-source software interface that works to ingest data from multiple sources, harmonize that data, master it, and then search and analyze it. It runs on MarkLogic Server, and together, they provide a unified platform for mission-critical use cases.
Atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability; these properties ensure that your enterprise-grade system never encounters issues like data corruption, stale reads, and inconsistent data.
A Java tool designed for bulk content-reprocessing of documents stored in MarkLogic. CORB stands for Content Reprocessing in Bulk and is a multi-threaded workhorse tool at your disposal.
A set of dicitionaries and thesauri to use with MarkLogic Server.
Natively store, manage, and search geospatial data—including points of interest, intersecting paths, and regions of interest, all on a single platform, with powerful geospatial search capabilities at hand!
The MarkLogic Java Client API provides access to core MarkLogic database and search functionality. I...
The MarkLogic Node.js Client API is an open-source JavaScript library. It allows Node.js developers ...
A visual programming plugin for MarkLogic. It integrates with the MarkLogic Data Hub and produces the code for a Custom Step using a no-code UI environment.
Format for storing metadata, improving data integration, and building applications using that integrated, highly connected data in our multi-modeled database.
Providing a 360-view of your data that provides the quick and accurate results using fuzzy logic and AI. This also allows you to merge and un-merge your records with no impact on your data accessbility- the raw and mastered versions are easily accessible.
Resources pertaining to creating and manipulating XML components of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents.
Execute a unified ACID transtion between MarkLogic and another database system with the guarantee that MarkLogic’s ACID properties are maintained for transactional updates or are fully rolled back to the prior state.
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